Breakfast Fatayer

No thing cheers me up like a homemade dough, it vibrates with life and joy. there is nothing I love more than baking, than the joy of sharing what I baked with family and friends, especially my husband. he is very critic about food, so when he gives me a thumbs up , I know he isn’t complimenting.

I love kneading my dough with hands, but I have to admit that the stand mixer doesn’t only save time, but it soften the dough and makes it more elastic, taking the recipe to another level.
I woke up the last Friday morning and decided to fill the home with the amazing baking aroma.the dough I used is called the ”10 minutes dough”, it takes no time to proof, literally 10 minutes. by mixing half the amount of the flour with the yeast, sugar and lukewarm water, then let it proof for 10 minutes.
once you see the bubbles on the surface, it is time to add the rest of the flour, and oil. I used my stand mixer, but you can mix it with your hands, it will take more time, but trust me  it’s worth it.img_2287
you will know if your dough needs more water. what you should end up with is an elastic soft dough, not sticky like bread dough.
I transferred it to a well floured surface, then used my magic hands and gave my dough a touch of love. IMG_2302.JPG
I divided it into two halves, shaped them into two balls. and started working with one of them, while the other was taking a nap  in an oiled bowl, and covered with a kitchen towel.
I believe that everything can be a delicious stuffing, but we are fascinated with spinach. and since we are in the season, it is the perfect stuffing for my dough. I saute a cup of spinach in olive oil, then added lemon ,salt and sumac. when it is done I mixed it with pomegranate

when it comes to the shape, I always let my imagination do the work,
I rolled the dough first into a rectangle , spread the stuffing in the center, then ran a pizza cutter along the sides to form theses braids.

finally, I put the braids together in the middle, over the spinach, brushed it with egg wash, and sprinkled sesame seeds on top.

it took about 20 minutes in the oven,and I really can’t describe the smell of my kitchen :).

after devouring on the spinach fetera, my husband asked me for a sweet one, so I peeled and cut yellow apples into chunks and saute them in butter, with brown sugar and cinnamon.


when the apples became tender, I let them cool down completely, then spread the mix on another rectangular dough, over a layer of melted butter and another layer of sprinkled cinnamon and brown sugar mix.


I rolled it over, then cut even slices, but not till the end, then transferred it to the baking sheet with the two ends close to each other, like a ring. brushed it with the egg wash, and baked it in a very hot oven for about 25 minutes.

the hot caramelized apples and the taste of the cinnamon were perfect for a cold lazy weekend.

Ftayer recipes;


for the dough:

-6 cups all purpose flour.

-2 tbsp active dry yeast.

-1 tsp sugar.

-1 tsp salt.

-2 cups of lukewarm water, you may need more.

-half a cup vegetable oil.

-1 egg, beaten for the surface.

-sesame seeds (optional).

for the spinach stuffing:

-1 cup fresh or frozen spinach.

-juice of one lemon

-1 tsp sumac



for the apples;

-2 medium yellow apples, peeled and cut into chunks.

-1 tbsp butter, plus more for spreading over the dough.

-2 tbsp brown sugar.

-2 tsp cinnamon.


  • in a large mixing bowl add 2 cups of the flour, yeast, sugar, and water. mix them together, and cover with a kitchen towel for 10 minutes.
  • when you see bubbles over the surface of the mix, add the rest of the ingredients, and knead with your hand or use a stand mixer for 5 minutes.
  • when the dough is soft and elastic, knead it again on a floured surface to form a ball, then divide it into two halves.the dough is ready now.
  • using the rolling pin, spread the dough to a rectangle with 0.5 cm thickness.
  • stuff with spinach. see the directions above for a braided fetera 🙂
  • roll the other half into a rectangle, and stuff with the apple mixture. you can shape it anyway you like. if you want a ring like mine, see the directions above.
  • the spinach mixture: in a hot pan, saute the spinach in olive oil for 10 minutes. when the leaves shrink, and become tender add salt, lemon and sumac. let it cool down completely then add pomegranate.
  • to make the apple mixture:melt the butter in a sauce pan, then add the apples with 1 tbsp brown sugar and 1 tsp cinnamon. saute until tender and caramelized. let it cool down for 10 minutes. before spreading the apple over the dough, brush it very well with melted butter, and sprinkle the rest of the sugar and cinnamon over it.
  • both fatyer took from 20-25 minutes in 200 C degrees oven.

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