Cinnamon And Raisins Bread

when cinnamon first met raisins, he knew from the first look that they are meant to be together. they were created for each other. the chemistry between them speaks it all. the smell, the taste, even the look, it’s a story of love and passion.

A combination that is never disappointing, something pleasing for the soul. who can say no to a slice of homemade bread, rich in cinnamon, and exploding with raisins, with smooth creamy butter spreading warmth on the top, then a cup of coffee comes to solve all the problems of the world. It’s like someone pressed the pause button for you, and everything else stayed still , waiting for you to finish your plate of heaven.
I have been in Paris with my husband the last summer for our honeymoon. the city of love had more than the historic attractions to offer for us.
From a very foodie point of view , I waited every morning for the raisins bread served on breakfast in the hotel we stayed in. a slice of heaven with butter on top, well, that’s what I call ”The ultimate perfection”.
I tried to get the recipe from the chef but he ran away 🙂
So, I improvised.
A very humble bread dough flavored with cinnamon, combined with his girlfriend raisins ( I’m saying his girlfriend and not his wife because sometimes they break up, and cinnamon runs away in dangerous adventures with apples, while raisins enjoys her solo ride in other recipes).

The basic recipe for any bread consists of yeast, sugar and water, the water should be warm, as cold water doesn’t allow the yeast to proof, and hot water kills our dearest creature on earth ”yeast”.

Then comes the flour. Bread flour is used in some recipes for a denser bread . it can be found in supermarkets, I use it sometimes, but in this recipe I used all-purpose flour, which is the regular one found in our homes.
I added three cups of flour with salt, and cinnamon to water and yeast and let the mixer do the work, for 10 minutes.
Lastly, I added half a cup of raisins and folded them with the dough.
Bread dough should be sticky but not wet.

I folded my dough over a floured surface and gave it some love with my hands, then transferred it to a greased bowl, and let it raise for a couple of hours.
When the dough doubled in size, I rolled it on a floured surface, and folded both ends to the middle like closing a book. sealed the ends, and transferred it to the loaf pan, with the sealed part down.







I sprinkled some flour on top, and let it rise again for an hour.

Before baking I made a few cuts on the  top with the scissors.The bread loaf took about 50 minutes in the oven.


A hard crust and a tender heart, with the sweat raisins popping and exploding with happiness in your mouth, you will thank me for this recipe 🙂



Cinnamon And Raisins Bread
– 1.5 cups of lukewarm water.
-1.5 tsp active dry yeast.
– 1 Tsp sugar.
– 3 cups all-purpose flour.
– 1 tsp salt.
-1 TSP cinnamon.
-half a cup of raisins.


-In the bowl of the stand mixer, stir yeast and sugar in the water. and let it proof for ten minutes.
-Add three cups of flour, salt and cinnamon to the proofed yeast, and mix with the handle or with your hands for ten minutes.
– Add raisins, and fold them with the dough.
– Transfer the dough to a floured surface, and shape it into a nice rounded ball.
– Transfer this beauty into a greased bowl, and Let it rise for two hours.
– When the dough double in size, transfer it again to a floured surface, with your hands flatten the dough to form a thick rectangle, then fold both sides over the middle and seal the ends together.
– In a loaf tin, transfer the loaf with the sealed ends facing the bottom of the tin.
– Let it rise again in a warm place for an hour, and turn on the oven to 200 degree C.
– After the dough rises again, bake it for 50 minutes.
-Tap on the bottom to enjoy the hollow sound.
– Share it with someone you love.


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