The man who called himself a ”GOD”


In a far away country where some humans had ultimate powers over others who belonged to a lower social status, a very well known professor who enjoyed lecturing four hundred students under the same roof, made his lecture obligatory, and his book mandatory, who gave a weekly exam and printed hundreds of papers, pleased to  kick students out of the exam and enjoyed the fear and disappointment in their eyes before they turn their backs and ran away and avoid asking for mercy because they could be hanged if they did.

The same man had a ritual of lining students in a certain way before the weekly exam while yelling, shouting and accusing them of being worthless of his prestigious trust. And after starting the exam he starts looking for the cheaters who are innocents in most cases.

One day this paranoid professor kicked out a student who asked if he could use a corrector pen to change his answer. The poor student’s paper was withdrawn and when he defended himself he was simply kicked out. He walked away of the hall without saying a word, and the other 399 students sat there without saying a word too.

Fifteen minutes later, another victim was chosen; a young mother, who brought her fourteen months daughter with her, because obviously she couldn’t place her somewhere else. When the baby started playing around, because simply she’s a baby! Our prestigious professor couldn’t stand the noise, and simply kicked the mother and her daughter out. The poor mother gathered her stuff, carried her daughter and left the hall defenseless, and the other 398 students sat there without saying a word.

When she left the room, our beloved professor said in defending his shameful action ‘’ the baby was making a noise and her mother was careless’’. The young mother was out of the room, and so she was unable to defend herself, and the other 398 students sat there without saying a word.

I was one of the 398 students, and I sat there and said nothing. Of course I was mad and I didn’t accept what happened, but I chose silence with the other 398 students.

The tragedy wasn’t the first of her kind; the same professor misused his ultimate power many times. Only a psychiatrist would analyze these actions and explain why this person is doing this. But I have a different theory, the only reason this man keeps misusing his power over students for years is that no one ever objected, no one said ‘’NO’’.

We are always scared, no one wants to get a ‘’F’’ by the end of the semester, no one wants to stay in this place forever, and we all know what this man is capable of.

But the truth is we are getting worse than ‘’F’s. We are compromising on our concepts, beliefs and rights; we are letting this man call himself a GOD, for the sake of getting the degree and just leave. We are leaving a rotten place for the upcoming generations. We are becoming followers for those before us who didn’t stop this man.

I wish I could go back in time and stand with this mother when she was humiliated, I wish I could say a word and never consider the consequences, I wish I could stop thinking about consequences when it’s about compromising our rights. I wish I could leave this discriminating passive society forever.

Time will never go back, but we have tomorrow. We can stop these tragedy, we can stop this man. This man should know that we are all equal and that he isn’t a GOD.




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