My name starts with ”M”. I’m a 25 years old physiotherapist. I live in Cairo with my husband.

I have a strong belief that I was Marie Antoinette in the past, after the beheading I turned into a pie crust for a warm delicious apple pie, until eaten by Elizabeth, not the queen, but an ordinary English girl working in a farm from 1826. I lived In Elizabeth and some following generations ,till I found myself in Egypt.
i’m a passionate learner, and i’m in love with books. libraries are the best place to escape in. you can find me messing with flour in my kitchen, watering my herb garden, playing with yarn and hoping it turns to be something beautiful, drinking cappuccino, or if you can’t find me you will know that i lost myself in the streets of old Cairo.

I find inspiration in the stories of ignorant people, historic buildings, and ordinary life routine.
when I was a little girl my mom wanted me to become a writer. she said ”something is very special in the words you write”. her words were a powerful motivation to me, so I kept writing until I graduated from high school then I forgot about it. many years later I found words dancing in my head begging to settle down on paper, I kept them quiet by promising to write later, then when later comes I look for words but they are no longer in my head.

three years ago I decided to awaken the writer inside me, I kept a diary, and a notebook for instant thoughts.

blogging was a scary dream, I honestly fear to fail. but we only live once so why not taking a step and watching what’s going to happen?

I write what comes to my mind and I try to pick up the pieces of my puzzled life in one place.